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Access Outreach

Grounded in an understanding of the needs and challenges in the laboratory ecosystem, Access Outreach gives physicians, hospital systems and laboratorians a powerful and intuitive web portal solution for rapidly onboarding clients who need outreach lab orders and results delivery.

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Access Outreach is a streamlined web portal that harnesses the strength and intelligence of the full Access Hub. It’s ideal for physicians and hospital systems who typically have a lower testing volume but need a primary interface for interacting with the laboratory. Access Outreach can also serve as an intermediary tool while setting up direct integrations between client EMR systems and the laboratory via Access Hub.

The collection of robust features in Access Outreach also includes functionality for each participant in laboratory transactions:

Client Portal for Physician Offices and Hospital Systems

  • Test Compendium Customization
  • Order & Results Management

Laboratory Portal for Lab Administrators and Managers

  • Supply Management Tools
  • Client Relationship Management Tools

Capabilities of Access Outreach

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Access module to integrate digital portals for lab outreach

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Access to the patient portal to view and share results

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Access to lab user portal to manage accounts, orders, reporting and dashboard analytics

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Access to lab communication tools

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Access to lab user portal for Supply and Client Management

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Client Access Portal

Physician offices, long-term care facilities, federally qualified health centers and more can utilize the Client Access Portal within Access Outreach to place orders, receive test results and communicate with the laboratory. The portal also allows users to manage patient care, along with tests and supplies, in addition to configuring multiple levels of user permissions for provider team members.

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Laboratory Administration Portal

Through the Laboratory Administration Portal within Access Outreach, internal laboratory staff can manage providers, select tests and gain visibility into orders and results. A robust analytics dashboard will give key insights into provider trends and help forecast laboratory usage. Laboratorians can take advantage of entering and collecting standing or one-time orders to best support provider needs.

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Supply Management Module

As the first sub-component of the Laboratory Administration Portal, laboratory staff are empowered with tools to manage supplies and provider inventories. The portal gives staff access to understand and audit how facilities are using supplies based on tests received, in addition to receiving requests for supplies and tracking supply order history. Laboratory staff will have the ability to manage the supply process from start to finish, including creating a packing list for supply fulfillment and order receipt and tracking.

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Client Management Portal

The second sub-component of the Laboratory Administration Portal provides laboratory staff with CRM functionality to oversee external provider management. Staff will be able to create provider clients with demographics in the system, set up multiple contacts and import selected fields and data from their existing provider database.