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Access Hub

There’s power in partnership. Built and led by leading laboratorians in America, Atalan’s collaborative services are delivered through a comprehensive platform, bringing unparalleled access to innovative diagnostics. Through Access Hub, doctors, medical centers, community hospitals and health systems can utilize tools and dashboards to tap into laboratories in Atalan’s network and monitor lab testing activity.

Healthcare leaders have identified the top challenges facing the industry as growth, system modernization, workforce, cost of care and more. Atalan addresses these challenges through Access Hub, propelling the industry into the future.

A simple graphic shows the flow of lab results and information to and from partner labs via Atalan's Access Hub
A simple graphic shows the flow of lab results and information to and from partner labs via Atalan's Access Hub

How Access Hub improves clinical decision-making.

14 billion
laboratory tests are ordered annually

Clinical Expertise

Atalan’s technology-enabled clinical partnership impacts the clinical care of patients by providing access to diagnostic innovation, subspecialty pathology and leading-edge technology.

of today’s medical decisions depend on laboratory test results, but labs only account for 2% of healthcare spend


Atalan delivers the scope, scale and collaborative innovation needed to improve patient outcomes through access to the best in laboratory medicine, facilitating research opportunities and industry partnerships.

deaths occur annually from preventable diagnostic errors

Operational Expertise

Atalan allows any provider, anywhere, to access the highest quality diagnostics without having to buy expensive equipment, hire pathologists or lose access to their patients, ultimately helping to improve the bottom line for health institutions.

Atalan provides access to:

icon of a beaker

Leading clinical laboratories

icon of a hinton plot

A comprehensive compendium of tests – commodity to esoteric

icon of a microchip

The latest equipment without capital investment

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Clinically relevant turnaround times

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Maximized lab capacity

What’s Available:

Atalan can provide configuration and ongoing maintenance for the interface between Access Hub and any participating lab’s information system.

Software Features:

  • Enterprise connection (HL7/API) to Access Hub
  • Access to Atalan member’s test compendiums
  • Ability to select tests for your lab to consume from Atalan
  • Ability to configure tests to be offered to Atalan members from your lab
  • Basic order and results tracking and resolution